Subject: Security Expert Technical Newsletter - June 2021

 ​June 2021 ​ ​

Our June newsletter includes essential and valuable information about the extension of R81.10 support until January 2022, new Quantum Smart-1 6000-XL/6000-L/600-M/600-S appliances, Enterprise Endpoint Security E85.00 Windows Clients release, which supports Windows 10 21H1 (version 2103), R80.20.25 for SMB 1500\1600\1800 Appliances, and several essential hotfixes released by Check Point.

You will also find SecureKnowledge updates such as new important articles, our top 5 new solutions and best practices for wide deployment of Harmony Connect application, and important NAT tips.

Finally, you will find education and training information such as three Access Policy Traffic Handling videos, Check Point Cloud Academy in partnership with its Platinum Elite ATC Partners, and the new Check Point Server-less Cyber Range.

I hope you will find this information useful.

SecureKnowledge Project Manager
Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.

R80.10 End Of Support Extension!

We are happy to announce the extension of support for R80.10 software release.
Planning upgrade takes time and effort, especially for large enterprises, so we have listened to you and your request to allow more time to better prepare for the meaningful software upgrade. As organizations get back to normal following COVID-19, we would like to provide a smooth and well-planned transition period to maintain business continuity under those uncertain circumstances.

The support period for our R80.10 software version (released May 2017) is extended from May 31st, 2021, to January 31st, 2022.

This extension applies to the following:
  • Quantum Security Management
  • Quantum Security Gateways
  • CloudGuard Network Security Gateways
  • CloudGuard Network Security Management
This would also be an excellent opportunity to start planning your future upgrade to R81.

Quantum Smart-1 6000-XL / 6000-L / 600-M / 600-S

Smart-1 platforms welcome the 6th generation of Cyber Security. The Smart-1 6000-XL/6000-L/600-M/600-S dedicated appliances are optimized for performance and scalability with both hardware and OS (operating system) hardened from the core.

Enterprise Endpoint Security E85.00 Windows Clients

Enterprise Endpoint Security E85.00 Windows Clients adds support for Endpoint Security on Windows 10 21H1 (version 2103).
It also includes Anti-Ransomware, Behavioral Guard, and Forensics enhancements.

R80.20.25 Quantum Spark

R80.20.25 for SMB 1500\1600\1800 Appliances is now released.
This release includes many new and essential features such as:
  • New Quantum Spark branding
  • WiFi - enable /disable the WiFi in specific time/day
  • Enforce API/URL policy for VPN Remote Access and S2S traffic
  • And more...

Improved new domain creation system for Multi-Domain Management

Multi-Domain Management users using versions lower than R80.40 experienced errors when adding a new domain.
Check Point has addressed this and released a Hotfix that resolves the issue.
Improved Site-to-Site VPN for DAIP gateways

A site-to-site VPN tunnel with a Dynamically Assigned IP Address (DAIP) Security Gateway may fail in some scenarios.
Check Point has addressed this and released a Hotfix that resolves the issue.

Improved objects management in SmartConsole

Users running R80.40 and higher may encounter issues when trying to delete an object from SmartConsole.
Check Point has addressed this and released a Hotfix that resolves the issue.

Improved accelerated policy installation for R81

Sometimes accelerated policy installation might fail with an error message ("Error code: 2000232").
Check Point has addressed this and released a Hotfix that resolves the issue.

New Advanced Troubleshooting Guides and Best Practices
  • Harmony Connect App - Best practices for wide deployment - sk172550
Top 5 Recent SecureKnowledge Solutions
  • Check Point Response to OpenSSL CVE-2021-3449 – sk172983
  • HealthCheck Point (HCP) Release Updates – sk171436
  • R81 SmartConsole Releases – sk170116
  • Endpoint Security Client consumes high CPU usage of Forensics (EFRService.exe) during Windows updates – sk170302
  • Default policy is loaded on Azure Gateways after a policy install or after a crash on the Gateway – sk171553

New Recommended SecureKnowledge Solutions
  • Adding users in Harmony Connect by email or with an Identity Provider - sk173623
  • Scalable Platforms (Maestro and Chassis) Comparison between versions - sk173183
  • "Super Node" mode of Endpoint Security Client - sk171703
  • Threat Prevention - Zero Phishing Alpha sk172203

Network Address Translation (NAT) FAQ

Administrators frequently use Network Address Translation. Various questions might arise regarding configuration, differences between the various NAT methods, technical issues where NAT does not seem to work and more.
This article includes many answers to those questions and is being updated regularly.

Access Policy Traffic Handling videos

The Access Policy is where users define all the required rules controlling the organization’s security policies. It unifies a Rule base for several security components: Application, Content Awareness, Identity Awareness, Mobile Access, etc.

Get a taste of a 3-knowledge-nugget series on how traffic is handled behind the scenes and how it can be optimized:
  1. Traffic Handling in the Access Policy: Possible Match
  2. Traffic Handling in the Access Policy: Early Drop
  3. Traffic Handling in the Access Policy: Optimization
Check Point Software Technologies Launches Global Cloud Academy Education

Check Point announced the launch of Check Point Cloud Academy in partnership with its Platinum Elite ATC Partners – Arrow Electronics, Red Education, and Westcon Security. 
Check Point Software is the first security solutions provider to address the knowledge gap in the industry by offering a dedicated, certified education program specializing in cloud security globally. 
Open to Check Point Software’s partners and IT professionals, the program will also provide attendees with opportunities for career development as the global demand for cloud security professionals continues to grow.

Check Point Serverless Cyber Range

Keep pace with Check Point’s Serverless World Cyber Range!
Use Shift left & CloudGuard to assist a cutting-edge medical company in finishing the development of their server-less app.

Enroll now! Email to book an event

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