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 ​October 2020 ​ ​

Our October newsletter includes important and useful information about our Check Point Infinity Release R81 which s now available, notification about the upcoming End Of Support for R80 and R80.10, new releases such as Enterprise Endpoint Security E84.00 Windows ClientsEnterprise Endpoint Security E83.20 macOS ClientsR80.20.10 for Small and Medium Business AppliancesJumbo Hotfix Accumulator for SMB R80.20.05 and a few important Hotfixes and tools.
You will also find SecureKnowledge updates such as new important articles, our top 5 new solutions and a reminder about our Support Center Product Pages, which let you browse instead of search.

Finally, you will find education and training information about Online Learning Now Available at edX, our brand new Check Point Certified Maestro Expert (CCME) R80.XSP course and a free JumpStart SMB course.

I hope you find this information useful.

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Check Point Infinity Release R81 is now Available!

We are happy to announce that R81, part of the Check Point Infinity architecture, is now available!
R81 is the industry’s most advanced Threat Prevention and security management software that delivers uncompromising simplicity and consolidation across the enterprise.
R81 new features include:
  • Infinity Threat Prevention: The industry’s first autonomous Threat Prevention system
  • Dynamic Balancing: Utilizes the best hardware performance from our security gateways
  • Revolutionized Policy Installation Process, effortless deployments and one-click upgrades
  • Best security for all encrypted traffic utilizing the latest standards including TLS 1.3 and HTTP/2
  • And much more...

R80 and R80.10 End Of Support coming in May 2021

R80 and R80.10 versions will reach their End Of Support in May 2021. If you are using these versions (or earlier) we strongly recommend you start planning to upgrade your environment.

Check Point always recommends you upgrade to the most recent version available, to make sure your environment is maintained at the highest security level. This recommendation comes not only from Check Point - see the CheckMates thread below for why the field recommends upgrading your environment.

Refer to sk160736 - Check Point R80.40 - our recommended version.

Enterprise Endpoint Security E84.00 Windows Clients

Enterprise Endpoint Security E84.00 Windows Clients is now available. It adds support for Endpoint Security on Windows 10 20H2 (version 2009).

Enterprise Endpoint Security E83.20 macOS Clients

Enterprise Endpoint Security E83.20 for macOS Clients is now available. This release supports the following capabilities: 
  • Anti-Malware blade is now GA
  • URL Filtering with SandBlast Agent Chrome Browser Extension
  • Advanced VPN features are now available:
    - Multiple Factor Authentication
    - Multiple Entry Point
    - Implicit Mode
    - Secondary Connect
R80.20.10 for Small and Medium Business Appliances

R80.20.10 for Small and Medium Business Appliances Build 1491 is now available. It includes stability and memory management enchantments, improved GEO protections, improved VPN Remote Two-Factor Authentication via SMS, better monitoring of VPN permanent tunnel status and much more.

Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for SMB R80.20.05

R80.20.05 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator is an accumulation of stability and quality fixes. This Incremental Hotfix and the article below are periodically updated with new fixes.

Build 992001208 is the latest R80.20.05 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator General Availability release that can be directly downloaded from the article below.

Added support for Jumbo Hotfix installation on Check Point Appliances

R80.30 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 215 is now available for the following Check Point appliances:
3800, 6400, 6700, 7000, 16200, 16600HS, 28000 and 28600HS.

For more information, refer to sk110052 (3000 appliances), sk139932 (6000 and 7000 appliances) and sk152733 (
16000 and 28000 appliances).

Note: This requires R80.30 SmartConsole Build 86 (or higher).

Improved CPU consumption when using R80.30 Jumbo Hotfix Take 210 or higher

Some users report that the first few firewall instances are overloaded (very high CPU) after installing R80.30 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 210 or higher.
When running the command fw ctl multik stat users see that those first few firewall instances have significantly more connections.

Check Point has fixed the issue in R80.30 Jumbo Hotfix starting from Take 219. 

Improved Dynamic Dispatcher mechanism in VSX

Some users report that Dynamic Dispatcher in VSX does not forward the connections equally to all CoreXL instances.
Investigations showed that the Dynamic Dispatcher algorithm did not fully consider the different VS’s on a VSX gateway.

Check Point has issued a Hotfix that addresses the issue.

Improved backup mechanism For Scalable Platforms Appliances R80.20SP

Sometimes when scheduling backup in gclish on R80.20SP, it might fail with a core dump. When this happens, the command works in clish but the configuration is not written to the Gaia database.

Check Point has issued a Hotfix that addresses the issue.

CPU Spike Detective

CPU Spike Detective is a tool running on Gaia OS 3.10 (not compatible with 2.6.18) that monitors the system CPU usage and checks for CPU utilization spikes, without impacting performance.

This tool is introduced starting from R80.40 Jumbo Hotfix Take 69.

Top 5 Recent SecureKnowledge Solutions
  • Endpoint Security VPN Client fails to install on Windows 10 build 2004 (May 2020 update) – sk167508
  • R80.40 SmartConsole Releases – sk165473
  • Video: How to deploy and upgrade Endpoint Security Client? – sk164896
  • High CPU usage on one CPU core when the number of Remote Access users is high – sk165853
  • How to configure Split Tunnel for Office 365 and other SaaS Applications

New Recommended SecureKnowledge Solutions
  • How to collect VPN logs from the Endpoint Security Client – sk169258
  • SNMP Maestro – sk168878
  • CloudGuard SaaS - Click-Time URL Protection – sk168190
  • How to manage (delete/create/change password) a local user on a SmartEvent server – sk168041
  • Policy-Based Routing and Application-Based Routing in Gaia – sk167135
  • Comparison between R80.20 and R80.20SP

Support Center Product Pages: Why SEARCH when you can BROWSE?

The “Browse” feature is best for software downloads and documentation. With just a few mouse clicks you can find what you need and see the latest version available without the need to know the exact product or version name.

Support Center Product Pages are our “browsing” solution. They include an overview of the product, most popular and latest SecureKnowledge articles, related downloads and documentation, various filtering options and more.
Software Blade product pages include troubleshooting and configuration documents as well as  SecureKnowledge articles.

Check Point@EDX

Check Point Education Services announces a new partnership with edX, a trusted Harvard and MIT-founded online learning platform.

Partnering with the renowned edX platform helps us close the ongoing cybersecurity skills gap.

Free self-paced network security training modules are available.

Check Point Certified Maestro Expert (CCME) R80.XSP

We are happy to announce that the Check Point Certified Maestro Expert (CCME) R80.XSP course is now available for select ATCs in each region to offer to delegates. The course is designed for administrators and Check Point resellers that offer Hyperscale Network Security as business and technical requirements change to accommodate massive network traffic growth.

The Certified Maestro Expert course is the latest addition to our series of Product and Specialist-designated courses. These courses are designed to help build the student’s knowledge of Check Point products and services and introduces emerging technologies and advanced concepts not covered in our core curriculum.

Free JumpStart SMB course

Check Point Software is excited to offer a free 2 hour self-paced online jump start course for SMBs, as part of our jump start series. This continues to support our mission, making Cyber Security education accessible to all.

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