Subject: Security Expert Technical Newsletter - July 2020

 ​July 2020 ​ ​

Our July newsletter includes important and useful information about a new and improved mechanism for upgrading to R80.40 (or higher), Quantum Security Gateways™, R81 Early Availability Program, new releases such as Check Point 1570R Ruggedized Appliances, Enterprise Endpoint Security E83.10 Windows Clients, important Hotfixes recently released and useful tools such as Diff Report (Changes Report) and vsx_provisiong_tool.

You will also find SecureKnowledge updates such as new important articles, our top 5 new solutions and a reminder about the Upgrade Wizard, our very popular upgrade tool.

Last, you will find education and training information about the Maestro Jump Start self-study training module, an announcement about Partner Certifications extension, and Check Point’s Cyber Range.

I hope you will find this information useful.

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Upgrade to R80.40 just got easier

Check Point introduced a new upgrade mechanism for its Security Management server, to upgrade to R80.40 and higher.

For more information click the link below.

For information regarding Security Management upgrade troubleshooting as well as the new upgrade command for advanced upgrade method, see sk163814.

Quantum Gateways Solutions

Check Point Software extends Infinity Architecture with full range of Quantum Security Gateways™, delivering uncompromised Enterprise security.

Quantum includes 15 new gateway models, all of which contain SandBlast Network Zero-day to offer the highest level of security.

R81 Early Availability Program

R81 is the industry’s most advanced threat prevention and security management software for the data center, cloud, mobile, endpoint and IoT environment. It is equipped with every Quantum Security Gateway and features the highest level of security from SandBlast Zero-day protection to extend coverage for all products and protocols.

New in SmartConsole: 

  • New Infinity Threat Prevention policy profiles for out-of-the-box security policies 
  • New MITRE ATT&CK View in SmartEvent 
  • New Mobile Access Portal with a new design
  • Improved user experience 
  • Full support for modern browsers
  • And more...
To enroll in the R81 Production EA Program, enter your information in the ENROLLMENT survey below.

Additional questions? contact us through

Check Point 1570R Ruggedized Appliances

The Check Point 1570R is the rugged member of the 1500 Security Appliance family that delivers enterprise-grade security in a series of simple and affordable, all-in-one security Gateways. These security appliances include a comprehensive security suite and the latest R80 software for SMB appliances.

Enterprise Endpoint Security E83.10 Windows Clients

Enterprise Endpoint Security E83.10 Windows Clients now supports VMware Horizon VDI and adds a SandBlast Agent Chrome Browser Extension with URL Filtering capabilities. It includes a new feature in SandBlast Agent (introduced in E83.00) that uses ssdeep-computed Fuzzy Hashing to detect and block malicious files, as well as many enhancements and fixes.

Threat Extraction Engine Release Updates

The latest Threat Extraction engine updates are automatically installed on all relevant Check Point machines, as part of automatic updates (see sk94508).

A new Threat Extraction engine update, 
Take 15includes improved picture file types inspection, improved RTF files inspection, a better logging mechanism and additional security enhancements.

Check Point User-Space firewall (USFW) support for R80.30 3.10 and above

User-space Firewall (USFW) allows Check Point Firewalls to run in user-space mode and is supported on most Check Point appliances.
It includes:

  • Improved Memory utilization on Security Gateways with a high number of cores.
  • Utilization of improved debugging tools and new supported features.

Improved CPU usage for high numbers of Remote Access users

An issue of High CPU usage on one CPU core when a high number of end users are connected to the network through Remote Access/VPN was fixed in recent Jumbo Hotfix takes.

SmartConsole extensions: Diff Report (Changes Report)

Diff Report lets you review changes performed between revisions. In R80.30 and higher, the report can be viewed as an extension to SmartConsole. For more information, see the link below.

VSX bridges configuration tool - vsx_provisiong_tool

Use the vsx_provisiong_tool to configure bridges on a Virtual System (any Security Gateway version, management version R80.40 JHF and higher). Configure multiple bridges on the same VS and all settings are performed on the Security Management Server for a non-VS0 regular VS.

Top 5 Recent SecureKnowledge Solutions
  • General traffic latency on Security Gateway when SecureXL is enabled – sk165652
  • Remote Access FAQ covering IPSec and HTTPS portal based VPN solutions – sk166032
  • Endpoint Security on Demand (ESOD) fails to start scan with error “Check Point Deployment Shell Internal Error” – sk164713
  • R80.40 SmartConsole Releases – sk165473
  • Tailored Safe Extension: Tailor-made IPS profile – sk164812

New Recommended SecureKnowledge Solutions
  • Investigative Threat Prevention Best Practices (videos) – sk167102
  • Troubleshooting SmartConsole Web Components and Extensions – sk166932
  • Management and Administration Videos – sk167108
  • How to configure Split Tunnel for Office 365 or other SaaS Applications – sk167000
  • CloudGuard SaaS Identity Protection with Azure AD – Troubleshooting – sk166795
  • Software Images for Check Point Security Gateway Appliances – sk166536

Support Center's Upgrade Wizard

The Upgrade Wizard makes upgrade planning easier:
  • Find your upgrade path quickly.
  • Get a list of required upgrade files.
Enter your current environment details (product, version, appliance model, etc.) and the details of the environment to which to upgrade. Immediately receive the recommended path and files.

To use this for new installations, select “New Installation” in the first step instead of “Upgrade.”

Check Point’s infinity in one the world’s leading universities!

For the first time in its history, Check Point partnered with one the world’s leading universities - New York University (NYU)- to nurture the next generation of world class computer engineers.

Loyal to our mission to make Cyber Security accessible to all, Check Point extended its cyber security academia cooperation to some of the US’ leading institutions, and will join forces With NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. This joint program will support our mission of bridging the talent gap in the cyber security industry by leveraging Check Point’s unmatched experience and expertise in the cyber landscape. The students will receive full visibility and understanding of the Check Point Infinity Architecture via Check Point's eLearning system.

Check Point’s training and education organization aspires to create opportunities for formal learning and professional development; in which students walk away with not just a deeper understanding of industry-leading solutions, but also a tangible path to employment.

Check Point gladly welcomes the NYU Tandon School of Engineering community to our extended family! 

Maestro Jump Start

We are happy to announce that the Maestro Jump Start self-study training module is now available.

Our Jump Start modules are free self-paced online training.
They are available at the following sites: Cybrary or Udemy or Coursera

Check Point Extends Partner Certifications

Check Point’s training and certification brings you up to speed with the latest trends and technology in the Cyber Security industry.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on many business operations around the world, Check Point is automatically extending core partner certifications (CCSA/CCSE/CCSM) with an expiration date between April 1, 2020 to July 1, 2020 for 3 additional months.

Cyber range

Participate in Check Point’s “gamified” experience.
Use CloudGuard IaaS, Dome9 and LOG.IC to help a game studio that has suffered a breach on its newly set up cloud infrastructure. Apply deep forensics against a stealth malware using Check Point SandBlast Agent to uncover and remediate a spreading malware attack.

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